Congrats to all students who successfully cleared CEED 2014 : Sony Salma, Bubaneshwar; Nanditha Saha, Chennai; Arul Krishnan, Chennai; Shrabhani P,Orissa; Vikas,Bangalore; Prasoon Goyal,Rajasthan; Gokila T, Chennai; Nupur Priya, Mumbai; Bhavan Kuchibotla, Chennai;Varun Shankar, New Delhi; Pavan Kumar T, Hyderabad;Chaitali Patil,Thane; Ashish Mohan, Delhi; Manas Chitransh, Delhi; Raj Narayan, Kerala;Jinesh P Bhaskaran, Kerala; Rutuja Ranjekar, Pune; Omkar R. Jambovane, Belgaum; HARIPRASAD K.V, Chennai ; Tridib Das ,Guwahati; SABBIR AHMED HUSSAIN, Pune; Biswajeet Barman Tezpur, Assam ; Rhitwik Borthakur Tezpur, Assam ; Girish Kumar A M,Bangalore.
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ceed dqlabs 2014

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Most Practical way of Cracking CEED in one Attempt !!

DQLABS CEED 2014 Simulation Test series gives you an opportunity to experience, answer and get first hand feedback on your performance in the simulated CEED test, so that you can evalaute your performance and prepare thoroughly to crack CEED in first attempt.

The first hand feedback given by practicing industrial designers would help you understand how your answers fair compared to what is expected and how best you could improve your skills for the test. The questions in this CEED simulation test will be set and the answers would be evaluated by practicing Industrial designers from IIT’S  and IISC. 


1. To give CEED Aspirants a feel of the type of questions generally asked in the CEED
2. To help them gauge their performance in the test.
3. To help them prepare well and focus on honing skills generally evaluated in CEED.

 a new Simulation Test every Sunday untill CEED 2014

IMPORTANT - NEW Test Pattern: The examination will be conducted in two Parts, A and B. All candidates must answer both Parts.

PART-A is an Online screening test.

PART-B will be evaluated for candidates who will be short-listed in the screening test


Test Procedure-

1. Registration upon payment of the fees.
2. On the test day registered students will have to login to the website between 6 AM to 11 AM, download and print the question paper on A4 size sheets.
3.  Answer the Question paper, Scan and send the jpeg images to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   before 8 pm the  same evening. (Note each jpeg image should be less than 100 KB)
4. The Papers will be evaluated and marks will be emailed to the respective students  within 48 hours of submission.
5. Feedback on the student performance is posted to respective students email ids

Fees –

individual registration

1 Simulation Test + Marked evaluation – Rs.750/- per person

1 Simulation Test + Marked evaluation + Feedback – Rs.1250/- per person 

10 Simulation Tests + Marked Evaluations  - Rs 7000/-

10 Simulation Tests + Marked Evaluation + Detailed Feedback - Rs 10000/- 



Please read the FAQ's below to know the difference between a Marked Evaluation and Feedback.

Register Now to make full use of the test series.

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Sample feedback:



Subscribe to Get FREE Tips and Tricks to crack the  CEED   

FAQ's about this CEED 2014 simulation test Series


Will this test compare my performance to students all over India ?

Yes your answers will be compared to students all over India and you will get a percentile ranking.


What is a percentile ranking ?

A percentile ranking is a relative ranking compared to the student who does best in the test, if your ranking is 87% that means you have done better than 86.9% of the total number of students that took the test.


How do I answer the test ?

The test will be up and running on our website between 6 AM to 11 AM on the test date, you will have to download and print the test on a A4 size paper, answer on that paper, scan your answer sheets and email the scanned images in jpeg format to us before 8 PM on the same day, your answers will not be corrected if you email us your answer sheets after 8 PM that day.


Where do I have to email the scanned answer sheet ?

Your scanned answer sheet should be emailed to us in jpeg format to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   each jpeg being not more than 100 KB, Note each sheet of yours will be one jpeg image.


How will I get my test scores ?

Your scores will be emailed to you about after 48 hours of receiving your answer paper submission.


What is the difference between Marked evaluation and Feedback ?

Marked Evaluation is just your score out of 100 and your percentile ranking all over India. you will also get your score per question.

Feedback is given by an practicing Industrial Desiger from IIT's and IISc on an individual bases to know how you have answered the test and how you could have answered it better. Know where you have gone wrong and how you could improve.


How do I register for the test ?

You will have to pay to register for the test and email us your details asked below to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

What is the cost of the test ?

individual registration

1 Simulation Test + Marked evaluation + Feedback – Rs.750/- per person


How do I pay for the test ?

 To pay for the test you could,

1. Deposit a Cheque in any ICICI Bank in any branch all over India in favor of 'DQ Labs' ICICI Bank Current Account number 025205001942, Account holder 'DQ Labs', Cox Town Branch, Bangalore. 

2. Send us a Demand Draft / Cheque in favour of  'DQ Labs'  payable at Bangalore,  Post all Demand Drafts / Cheques to the address given below.


3. You could Deposit the money in any ICICI Branch all over India or Transfer the money online to ICICI Bank Current Account number 025205001942, Account holder DQ Labs, Cox Town Branch, Bangalore.


Please note:  your Demand Drafts and Cheques should be made in favor of 'DQ Labs' only, please note any other name on the Demand Draft or Cheque for eg: Design Quotient Labs will not be accepted.


After you have made a payment, call us or email us This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   with your details below,

1. Student name

2. Postal Address with pin code

3. Phone / contact number.

4. DD number and bank details or Bank Transaction ID or deposit details


Contact Us: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Correspondence Address – For all correspondence purposes.


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