Congrats to all students who successfully cleared CEED 2014 : Sony Salma, Bubaneshwar; Nanditha Saha, Chennai; Arul Krishnan, Chennai; Shrabhani P,Orissa; Vikas,Bangalore; Prasoon Goyal,Rajasthan; Gokila T, Chennai; Nupur Priya, Mumbai; Bhavan Kuchibotla, Chennai;Varun Shankar, New Delhi; Pavan Kumar T, Hyderabad;Chaitali Patil,Thane; Ashish Mohan, Delhi; Manas Chitransh, Delhi; Raj Narayan, Kerala;Jinesh P Bhaskaran, Kerala; Rutuja Ranjekar, Pune; Omkar R. Jambovane, Belgaum; HARIPRASAD K.V, Chennai ; Tridib Das ,Guwahati; SABBIR AHMED HUSSAIN, Pune; Biswajeet Barman Tezpur, Assam ; Rhitwik Borthakur Tezpur, Assam ; Girish Kumar A M,Bangalore.
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Cracking CEED requires thorough Design Quotient as you are tested for design aptitude involving - Visual perception ability, Drawing skills,  Logical reasoning,  Creativity and communication skills

The 3 hours of CEED test is a piece of cake  if you know what to answer and how to answer, and this is exactly what we at DQ LABS has to offer you.

Our service comes out of our deep passion and industry experience in the Field of  Design & Architecture. we provide our students a genuinely committed fanatical guidance.

If you are interested in self-study with minimal guidance you can buy DQLABS  CEED Study Material

If you prefer a practical and most effective approach to crack ceed then opt for CEED 2012 Simulation test Series .

At DQ LABS we very well understand what it takes to crack the design entrance tests within the  constraints of time and resource today's young generation have at their disposal. With use of DQ LABS teams design sensibilities,  gained with industry experience, have pioneered online and offline courses to meet the aspirations, needs and constraints of young design minds and help them improve their necessary skills within least effort and time to crack the design entrance test.

DQ LABS has been conceived by Umesh and Shaun, Industrial designers, while working with General Motors in 2004, with a desire to guide architecture and design aspirants achieve their dreams. They strongly believe that genuine and committed guidance is essential to empower  aspiring design students to build their design career on a solid foundation. Since then they formed a team of designers, architects and design managers ( DQ Labs team) who have guided many students successfully in India and abroad.

we understand that Today's youth are tech savvy, smart, creative and have high aspirations towards their careers and life. It is important that their energy and passion is channelised in right direction to realise their dreams. We at DQ labs makes that process easy, fun and fast.  We are constantly developing and redefining our teaching approaches by taking advantage of the technology to improve quality of design guidance and coaching that our students get.

Key people -

The guy who spots the hidden potential -

An Architect specialized in industrial design from IIT Delhi having 13 yrs of practical experience in Architecture, Product Design, Digital Sculpting, Animation, Model making and everything one could possibly think in design,  Umesh Kumar GL  has a passion and patience for teaching and mentoring. He loves to work closely advising and mentoring students in improving and utilising their skills in most efficient manner. He is the brains behind the most successful online sketch development course, which students from different parts of the world are able to get quality guidance by enjoying from home.

With the experience of working at esteemed International Design Studios  (USA, UK, India) and cross cultural design teams of Global Brands, he believes that the objective of any education, apart from gaining technical knowledge and expertise should be developing imagination, inquisitiveness and persistence to realise ones dream.

The guy who knows everything -

There isn't a place he has visited, including Himalayas. Shaun D'Sa did his Masters in  Industrial Design from IIT Delhi after a Bachelors degree in Industrial and Production Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology. His design career started with General Motors as a Creative Digital Sculptor in their Styling team  and within a short span has become a  Program Manager for the Design Department. Prior to the Design world, Shaun had worked as a Navigational Officer in the Merchant Navy for 5 years travelling the world and visiting many countries. Having an interest in Design since childhood this has given him great exposure to the world of Architecture and Design abroad. His passion for travelling has taken him around India specially to the northern Himalayan states. His interests also include temple architecture and carvings.

The gal who ensures the  journey is smooth -

She believes that a service or product can run more effectively. A management graduate with keen interest in Design Field, Keerthi  makes sure that your objective of joining DQ labs is fulfilled. Right from the early stage of taking a decision to choose a design career upto the stage you successfully enroll into a design school, she has expertise to guide you smoothly with timely insights.

and the DQ LABS TEAM -

passionate about guiding students and providing design education The team constitutes of counsellors, Art facilitators, practicing Designers and Architects.


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