Congrats to all students who successfully cleared CEED 2014 : Sony Salma, Bubaneshwar; Nanditha Saha, Chennai; Arul Krishnan, Chennai; Shrabhani P,Orissa; Vikas,Bangalore; Prasoon Goyal,Rajasthan; Gokila T, Chennai; Nupur Priya, Mumbai; Bhavan Kuchibotla, Chennai;Varun Shankar, New Delhi; Pavan Kumar T, Hyderabad;Chaitali Patil,Thane; Ashish Mohan, Delhi; Manas Chitransh, Delhi; Raj Narayan, Kerala;Jinesh P Bhaskaran, Kerala; Rutuja Ranjekar, Pune; Omkar R. Jambovane, Belgaum; HARIPRASAD K.V, Chennai ; Tridib Das ,Guwahati; SABBIR AHMED HUSSAIN, Pune; Biswajeet Barman Tezpur, Assam ; Rhitwik Borthakur Tezpur, Assam ; Girish Kumar A M,Bangalore.
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CEED Information FAQ

Does reading this Study Material help in getting high scores?

YES, our Study Material and Mock Tests covers all the basics topics of CEED and the individual Entrance Exam Tests and will enable you to score well in both and well as give you guidance and tips in the interviews. This Study Material also gives you a good understanding as to what Industrial Design, Visual Communication and Transportation design is all about.

I need some guidance on the Design sketching?

Those students that apply for the 1 Year Correspondence course will get feedback on your sketches and guidance, also you will get feedback on the Mock test Sketches.

What does the CEED Study Material contain?

The Study material Package consists of:

  • Articles / Write ups, Reference Material, Case Studies, Templates, Check lists and Assignments on  About CEED, MDes Course, Future and Careers as an Industrial Designer.
  • About Product Design, Visual Communication
  • Design Aptitude
  • The Design ‘Thought process’ and Problem Solving
  • Understanding the Design Process
  • Object, Still Life and Human Figure Drawing Skills
  • Colour Concepts
  • Creative Thinking Skills
  • Product Semantics
  • Materials, Products and Design Technology
  • Good Designs / Bad Designs
  • Design Presentation
  • Product Illustration – Design Communication.
  • Design Analysis
  • Product Aesthetics

What is a portfolio ?

At the time of the interview you will have to present a portfolio of your work, showcasing your skills and aptitute, these porfolios can contain, Pencil Sketches, caricatures, cartoons, paintings, arts & crafts, paper models, clay models, furniture, projects basically anything to show your talent to the selection panel. 

What Is CEED?

Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED) is an all India Examination conducted by IIT Bombay, on behalf of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. CEED is a qualifying examination for admission to postgraduate programmes in Design (M.Des.) at IISc Bangalore; IIT Bombay; IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur.



When Do People Take It?

The CEED exam is conducted around January end or Febuary first week and is held in the test centers specified by the GATE Office IIT Bombay.

Who Accepts It?

CEED is only a qualifying exam to apply to IIT's and IISC, please note once you have passed CEED you are eligible to apply for the individual Entrance Exams and Interviews for these respective colleges also note that these Entrance exams are held at different dates and are difference, if you qualify for IIT Delhi does not mean that you qualify for IISc Bangalore.

Also note that you might have to apply to some of these colleges before your CEED results are out whether you qualify CEED or not. 


Who Takes It and Why?

Prospective applicants desirous of taking admission to First year of Postgraduate Colleges ie for IIT's and IISc take this Exam. The admission to these colleges lead to a degree Masters in Design or MDes in Industrial Design or Visual Communications from IIT's and IISc.

Will I get guidcane on my portfolio ?

Yes we give you guidance on your portfolio

  • You would have to scan all your work and send it to us for an evaluation, be it sketches, any kind of art work, clay work, paintings, drawings, pictures of your work done, projects, models, computer graphic work, 3D modelling etc.
  • We help you understand what colleges are looking for in your skills, there is a difference between fine art and Design solutions, just fine art may not necessarily mean good design, also the other way around being mediocre in drawing does not mean that you done have good design problem solving skills
  • Take a look at good portfolios and good presentations, understand how to showcase your skills.
  • Get feedback from professionals in the Industrial Design field.

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